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 Real Time VFX 


Using Unreal's Niagra Editor, I developed a particle system that warps between two separate models. 




I created a digital double of my head using Photoscan. Cleanup and topology was done in Zbrush.

 Material Design 

Using Substance Designers node system I developed this material to match that on the bricks from the set of Blue Bloods.

 Anatomical Sculpting 

With a strong understanding of anatomy and figure, I can sculpt humans animals and creatures accurately.   

 Unreal VR Game Dev 

I modeled and textured assets as well as rigged and animated them. All of these assets were optimized for the Unreal Engine.


 Real Time Characters 

For this project my goal was to design an optimized head for games. I kept the head as low poly as possible while maintaining high levels of detail within the color and Normals. Roughness and SSS really help give it that extra realism. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 1.56.09 AM.jpg

 Likeness Sculpting 

Sculpted entirely from reference I created the likeness of actor Tom Selleck in Zbrush. 

 Traditional Animation 

This animated commercial was made for a local window repair company. Every frame was hand drawn and colored using an iPad Pro and the Animation Studio App.   

 VFX Compositing 

In this shot for the show Hap & Leonard I had to composite the acting performances from different takes into a single shot.   

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