Demo Reel 

 Real Time Hair 

Using the IMM brush tool I made a custom hair model in Maya segmented into three separate poly groups. This way Zbrush can determine the beginning middle and end section of the hair card for the curve stroke. 

I created the Hair texture using "HairStrand_Designer_V1". I separated portions according to different hair lengths, thickness and color. 

Getting the IMM brush to curve in different directions

helped break up the repetition of the beard. 

Stacking the hair cards from bottom to top was key in giving it a clean layered appearance.

Real time Michael Jordan

ESPN's "The Last Dance" documentary inspired me to create this model. Pushing realism for real time was my goal. 

Below is a list of tricks that helped me push realism.

- Using separate geometry for tear build      up between the eye and eye lid. 

- Using individual fibers for fuzz and            facial hair.

- Texture XYZ for skin textures.

- Sub surface scattering.

- Having plenty of photos to reference. 

This modeled was sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in real time in Marmoset Toolbag.

Paper Mach'e material

Made in Substance Designer, this material has several parameters artists can adjust to tweak the look for their Paper Mach'e model.

Real time Leon from Resident Evil 4

After recent rumors of a Resident Evil 4 remake being in development I got excited and made this model in hopes of seeing how a redesign of Leon may look. The base was designed in "Character Creator". The face and assets were designed in Zbrush and textured in Substance Painter. Rigged and ready for use in Unreal, Unity and Maya.

Tom Selleck Likeness Sculpt

Tom Selleck felt like the perfect choice for a likeness sculpt. His bold facial features and iconic mustache seemed like a great challenge.

To start I use my base head mesh in Zbrush and push and pull the proportions to match a photo reference. I then carefully work my way up the subdivisions as it needs more detail. This project taught me to take my time and keep things simple until the final stages.

The most difficult part of any likeness sculpt is finding solid reference. Luckily I found decent photos of Tom without his mustache and a buzzed head. This helped tremendously for figuring out whats going on under all fo that hair. For the hair I used fiber mesh separated into several sections.

Cheerio's Cereal Material

Created in Substance Designer my goal with this material was to achieve realistic micro detail. Everything from the small bubbles to the poor's on the cereal were made entirely with nodes. 

I started with a Tile Generator with Discs and tweaked them to get the appropriate size. I then used blend nodes to subtract out the hole of the cheerios. The warp node helped me break up the perfectly round circle into something a bit more realistic.

I created a some custom shape for the stacked Cheerios and blended on top of another tile generator with blurred spheres to help give some cheerios the appearance that they're sunken under the milk.

Custom VDM Brushes

Creating Vector Displacement brushes in zbrush helped me speed up my sculpting workflow tremendously. this way I can reuse parts across different models. My anatomy Brush lets me block out a solid head mesh in very little time

The base head seen below was created in a matter of minutes.

Hard Surface Alien Suit

My goal with this project was creating a hard surface suit. I drew inspiration from Evangelion, Spider-man from Avengers: Infinity War and Master Chief. 

The model was sculpted in Zbrush using primarily the ClayBuildup and DamStandard brush. The Clay Polish feature helped sharpen the edges, getting rid of any awkward shapes that make it look like a clay sculpture.

I used Zremesh to calculate clean topology and exported into Substance Painter. From there I finish it off with a nice coat of paint and emissive maps to make the eyes glow.   

Real Time VFX Breakdowns